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High-Quality Service, Repair and Installation

We offer onsite or pickup-and-return computer and device service, repair, and installation.  We also offer onsite network service, repair and installation.  We can repair most major  brands of smartphones and pads.  We also Install video security systems and provide training on various software and devices, install complete networking systems during new home or office construction, and we can even build custom  computer systems to your specifications.

Professional Customer Service

Not sure what you need?  Feel free to message, email or call and we will help you decide exactly what kind of help you need!

Honest, Quality Service at Reasonable Prices

We will do our best to serve you in the most sensible and economical way possible.  While the decision is always yours, we will let you know if your equipment would be more reasonably  repaired or replaced.  If you choose to replace your system, we will be glad to help you choose the best replacement at the most reasonable price.

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Custom Computer Systems Built to Your Specifications

Oran's Computer and Network can build a custom computer system that will run anything you want from a workhorse office system to a screaming game system, with amazing graphics, sound, and visual effects at the highest framerates with no freezing or "stuttering" and the lowest lag your network can handle! You can pick what you want and we can assemble it! The sky's the limit! You can choose the video type - monitor only, television, 1080p or 4K! Choose the processor speed, motherboard, RAM, cooling system (liquid or air), sound card, speakers, video card, monitor, case, case effects, or we can put together the best package based on your needs. Just tell us what you want!

Is Your Computer or Pad Damaged, or Just Not Working Like It Used To?

We can repair damaged or non-working computers, replace laptop screens and keyboards, improve connection speeds in older systems, add blutooth or wireless network, or solid-state drives to your older system, etc.  And don't worry, we will let you know if the cost is greater than the value you will receive!  

We can also "clean up" and optimize your system to "be all that it can be"!  Computers should not slow down over time, but they often do, not because of your hardware, but because of an accumulation of code debris - junk left behind by programs that have been deleted, out-dated updates and other files that you don't need anymore.  You may also have malware, spyware or viruses lurking in your system and dragging it down.  Your system may have disorganized data that needs to be reorganized, or even mechanical problems like damaged hard drive sectors, inadequate system memory, or failed or failing cooling components, and we will physically clean the inside of your computer to fix dust contamination that may be affecting your computer's ability to cool properly.

And all of this is just a low-cost, basic "clean up"!

Let Us Help You Find the Computer or Device to Fit Your Needs!

With all the different computers and other electronic devices on the market it can be extremely difficult to decide exactly what you need.  You don't want to buy something with options that won't meet your needs, but you also don't want to buy something that isn't able to do the things you need, and you can't go by price or brand anymore, either. Computers that are great for games are not usually very practical for office use, and systems that are perfect for office use are usually not able to run games, and people often spend entirely too much money for computers for home use, or social networking.

 We can help you find just the right device - not too much, not too little.  And once you get it, we can also help you set it up and configure it to perform the tasks you need in the most user-friendly manner possible!

Give us a call and let us help you get the right device at the best price and get it set up to meet your needs - no muss, no fuss!

Setting Up and Securing Your Network

Setting up a home or office network to get the best possible coverage without compromising the security of your data can be a daunting task.  But if you don't install and configure your network properly, other people can at least easily steal your service and bog down your bandwidth, and - at worst - invade your computers and steal your or your clients' data, damage your operating system and data, or use your or your clients' information for identity theft.

Properly installing and protecting your network is as important as locking your home and car and securing your valuables.  In this digital age, your data is often ultimately more valuable than your possessions, so not protecting your network and devices can have disastrous consequences.

Let us check your existing system or install your new system and help you ensure that your network is not vulnerable to invasion.

We can also help train you and your staff in methods to prevent unauthorized access and avoid compromising your digital safety.

With all the viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, hackers, and other data thieves out there, it is more important than ever to protect your data.

While nobody can guarantee absolute data safety, there are some great tools out there to help, but if they are not properly configured, they will only give you false confidence.  We can help you be sure you are doing all you can with the tools you have to protect your data and prevent cracks in your system that hackers can exploit.  Call for a consultation and we can schedule a visit to check your network security or help you install a safe network from the start and teach you how to keep it safe in the future.

Are You Tired of the Cracks in Your Phone Screen?

We can replace many types of cell phone screens, and with the cost of replacing your phone growing ever higher, replacing the screen, while still admittedly not cheap, may be your best option, and could ultimately save hundreds of dollars over replacement cost for the whole phone.

If you have never broken you phone screen, our advice is to go now and get the best case you can to prevent it from happening to begin with.  This is one of those cases where an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure!

There are lots of good articles online comparing various case types and brands.  THIS article from Digital Trends covers several great cases for iPhone, and THIS one from Android Authority covers the best cases for Android Phones.

There is also often some great insurance available for your digital devices, so contact your provider to look into paying a little now to save a lot later!

But, if it is too late for this advice to help, consider contacting us for a price quote for replacing your broken screen.

Video Security Systems With or Without Installation

Wouldn't you love to have one of those nifty video home or business security systems?  You can know who is at the door before going to it, or you can see who is in your driveway before they ever leave their vehicle!

How about being able to see what is going on inside or outside your house when you are not home?

You have probably seen some of the videos people have posted on Facebook showing things being tampered with or stolen from their homes, identifying the culprits and aiding authorities in capturing and prosecuting the perpetrators.  

Many of these systems include night vision, motion and heat detectors to keep them from catching unnecessary videos, and aps that enable to owner to check the cameras from their cell phones!

We can help you choose a system and if you prefer, we can properly install the system, get it all set up, and show you how to use it.  

We can also ensure that you don't accidentally violate any privacy laws by inadvertently capturing video of your neighbors going about their business.

Give us a call if you are insterested in finding out what is available and to get a quote on installation cost of the system you choose.

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